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New Beach Horseback and River Tubing (3/1 2 hours)

Enjoy the thrills of horseback riding through the waves of the Caribbean and the scenic countryside.
Ride through wooded areas, where the Taino Indians used to hunt for food. Learn about the culture of these first Islanders, their beliefs, habits and existence, before Columbus landed and the island was colonized under the Spanish flag. Ride through a natural wetland, shaded by almond and coconut trees, and see the excavations carried out by archaeologists, keen to uncover the deep rooted history of this area.

Our River Tubing last for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the time you spend at the midway stop, and the flow of the River. This tour is guided, with two guides leading groups from 5-15 people. Generally one guide is provided for every 5 tubers. You will glide through lush tropical greenery and take in the amazing scenery as you gently wind down the lazy river. Mid way down the river there is a stop which gives you the chance to plunge in the river from the platform that is erected there for that purpose; this is for those adventurous people who want to add more fun to their ride. After your plunge you will continue on your tube down the river. This is a journey that you will not forget.

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Includes transportation to and from cruise ship
Maximum weight 250 pounds

20% deposit required
Adults | Kids 6-11 | Kids Under 6  
US $100.00   US $92.00   N/A

Please read our Terms Of Service before you book.

We Do Group Tours

Specialize in group tours (15-50) starting at $40.00 for adults and $30.00 for kids.

This includes airport and cruise ship pickup and transfer to your destination.

Call for rates and more info.

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