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Enchanted Gardens

The Enchanted Garden is a beautiful botanical gardens set in the mountain-side overlooking Ocho Rios. A natural river cascades through the 20 acre property, creating 14 natural waterfalls on its path.
The aquatic theme features throughout the gardens; in addition to the waterfalls there is a koi pond, lily pond and a swimming pool. There is also a large aquarium building which once had giant tanks lining the walls.
Another highlight is the large domed walk-in aviary which has some 80 different species of bird. The birds are tame and (if you wish) your guide will give you a handful of feed to hold so that the birds fly down to eat from your hand.
You will be escorted around the gardens by a guide who will talk you through the 14 waterfalls and point out the many varieties of plant life on the way. At the end of your tour of the Enchanted Gardens you are free to wander around the gardens or swim in the swimming pool.

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Please read our Terms Of Service before you book.

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